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About Farset Labs

Who We Are

We are an open community of students, professionals, academics, freelancers, artists, hackers, and organizers that believe strongly in experimental learning and the Do-It-Yourself ethic. We facilitate technology initiatives and encourage hands-on learning by maintaining a workshop and creative space that is available to members. We maintain an inclusive membership policy, and strive to apply the principles of the open-software and open-hardware movements within our design policies.

The space is availiable to members 24/7 but if you would like to pop in, give us a shout on Twitter or Slack to see if anyone is about!

Current Management Board


Farsets Directors are legally, fiscally, and socially responsible for the strategic health and operation of the Labs

Artemiy Kondratiev

Director (2018 - )

Software engineer, public speaker and event organiser.

Colin Mitchell

Director (2016 - )

Business Technology Advisor, interim CTO & troubleshooter/causer, hands-on code-tweaker, occasional blues guitarist

Dylan Wylie

Director (2013 - )

Co-founder of rapidly growing health consultancy startup, We Slim Together, physicist, developer & technologist.

David Kane

Director/Founder (2011 - )

Postgraduate researcher specialising in condensed matter physics, embedded developer and all round good guy.

Andrew Bolster

Director/Founder (2011 - )

Autonomous Systems Researcher, Consultant, Speaker, and Enfant Terrible. You can see some of his work over on his website

Non Executive Managers

Non-Executive Managers (NEMs) are the primary Points of Contact (PoC) for certain areas, equipment, and activities within the day-to-day operation of the space.

Daniel Porter

Digital Infrastructure NEM (2014 - )

Daniel makes the bits go around

Glenn Davidson

Events NEM (2014 - )

Glenn is an enthusiastic software engineer with 10 years experience in business problem analysis, enterprise systems, and mobile technology. While currently working on cutting-edge start-up and mobile projects as part of Coding Fury Ltd, he also organises local events for Ireland’s independent game industry. Glenn is the central point of contact for Farsets event scheduling and logistics

Claire Wilgar

Community NEM (2015 - )

Claire is a senior frontend developer and organiser of Girl Geeks Belfast and co-organiser of Global Game Jam and BelfastJS, and is the point of contact for member and community issues and queries in Farset Labs.

Zoe Gadon-Thompson

Outreach NEM (2018 - )

Zoe wants to make sure everyone has access to a safe space to learn about something they love

Phil Weir

Co-Working NEM (2018 - )

Focused on open technology and its ability to transform business and society, through efficiency and interlinking. Development experience in web technologies and numerical simulation, primarily with backend services, alongside cloud (AWS) and systems administration.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the officers of Farset Labs, see the Ops Manual

Farset Labs Former Officers

All former officers are listed with last office held

  • Ellen Murray: Director/Founder (2011-2013)
  • Ben Bland: Director (2013-2014)
  • Rachel Gregg: Community NEM (2014-2015)
  • Matt Hazley: Projects NEM (2015)
  • Ben Bland: Development NEM (2014-2016)
  • Pip Shea: Director (2015-2016)
  • Conor Robinson: Director (2014-2016)
  • Andrew Mulholland: Outreach NEM (2015-2018)
  • Colin Kelsey: Facilities NEM (2015-2018)


Farset Labs would like to thank our membership for making the world a more interesting place.

We would like to thank our corporate members, who are actively encouraging the next generation of experimenters and revolutionaries; Tibus Connect, and Weavers Court Business Park, for believing in us from day one.