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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The NI Health Minister has announced that all Covid legal restrictions be replaced by guidelines effective from Feb 15th 2022.

See here:

In addition, we would draw members’ attention to the current NI Direct guidelines on staying safe and preventing the spread of Covid.

See here:

Subsequently, Farset Labs have amended our current status as follows:


The space is now fully open to members, visitors and events.

  • ✅ Members: Yes
  • ✅ Visitors: Yes, members can bring up to 4 guests under their supervision
  • ✅ Public events: Yes, with no restrictions on numbers other than what the space can reasonably cope with (as before)
  • 😷 Hackerspace meetings (eg: town hall): Yes, in person with remote participation support

Last reviewed on the 27th of February 2022.


We would ask members to respect the fact that not everyone is comfortable with the easing of restrictions, for various reasons, and therefore to be sensitive to the wishes of others.

Please do not come into the space if you are symptomatic - that is anything that resembles Covid, seasonal influenza or heavy colds or coughs. Nobody wants any of these things.


Wearing of masks in the space is not mandatory but remains an individual choice. We will continue to make masks available in the hallway for the foreseeable future.

Social Distancing

The 2 metre social distance rule is no longer mandatory but we would ask members to respect the fact that others may have different preferences to your own.


We would ask that members running events or meetings be aware of the benefits of ventilation in the space.

For meetings in the event space, open windows periodically and as often as outside temperatures permit.

In the upstairs meeting room, prop the door open after meetings and leave the window open for a short period afterwards if possible.

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