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Facilities & Resources

Farset Labs is a makerspace that provides a place for creativity and technological tinkering. Membership is open to everyone, no matter what you want to do, and we welcome people from all walks of life to use our space, come to our events, get involved and foster the maker community in Northern Ireland.

For a low membership fee, students, hobbyists, and all members of the local community will be able to come together, hack at projects, build stuff and bring some life to Belfast!

Farset Labs provides members with a wide range of communal resources, so members can play and build as you wish. These include:

  • Dedicated high-speed fibre internet
  • Networking, server resources and computers of all sorts such as Raspberry Pis, iMacs, and even BBC Micros
  • A hefty collection of classic gaming consoles
  • Various robots and mobile platforms
  • Kitchen and lounge
  • A growing library of tools including: 3D printer, vinyl cutter, electronics kits, solder stations, part libraries
  • Basic metal and woodworking facilities (light-duty pedestal drill and basic hand tools)

Typical projects and events include:

  • Electronics, communications and computer science
  • Manufacturing, making & craft
  • Brewing
  • Art, music & sculpture
  • Local user & interest groups

We provide space, tools and community. Members can come as little or as often as they like, 24 hours a day, and can use as many of the resources as they please (within reason!). Farset doesn’t ask for anything extra, and we don’t take any stake in your wildly successful ideas. However, we ask members to adhere to a Code of Conduct to avoid injury, upset… and fires.

The Space

Farset Labs has capacity for most projects, big or small. Three main rooms cover a total of 2000ft2 (190m2), providing co-working, events, and project hacking space, as well as a kitchen and lounge. The building is situated on the Weavers Court business park, with ample parking, 24/7 security, and access to further office and warehousing space, all five mins’ walk from Belfast city centre.

Farset Labs operates a clear desk policy on (and under) non-rented desks; All hot-desks must be cleared of all equipment before leaving the space. Equipment left unattended at non-rented desks is subject to being moved by any member to common storage facilities.

Any communal equipment such as monitors/keyboards/mice etc. should be returned to appropriate storage locations (available in the workshop and coworking space) for others to use.

The Event Space, and potentially other areas, can be booked for members private events/meetings/projects, but are generally available on a ‘fair use’ basis. Unless authorisation has been sought from the Events NEM and it has been booked into the Calendar, member events and ‘reservations’ of spaces within Farset Labs are non-binding and non-exclusive.

Co-Working & Hot-Desking

  • Flexible hot-desking and several computers, all on first-come-first-served basis
  • Desks to hire from £100 per month
  • Printing, photocopying and other office facilities
  • A top class library of technical and non technical material (and a Wired UK subscription)

Event Space

  • Multipurpose venue for approx 50 standing / 35 seated.
  • Comprehensive AV setup, including projector, 5:1 surround sound speakers, and PA system


  • 3D printer and vinyl cutter
  • Electronic test equipment and soldering irons
  • Light-duty pedestal drill and basic hand tools
  • Library of electronic & craft components
  • Project storage shelving and boxes

Hiring the Space

The unique and inspiring event space can be booked for private functions for outside organisations, companies, and individuals, including break out access to the rest of the space, projector and AV facilities, etc.

See booking a room for details of how to book the space.

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