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A single “Ticket List” Google Doc will be kept in Slack to record any items that have been ticketed, with 24h of ticketing, and to record any items agreed with Directors not to be moved (these should also be appropriately labeled).

Items will not normally be considered to have a Known Owner (and eligible for 60 day terms) unless they are clearly individually labeled, with name and Slack handle. While some members or Directors may be aware of ownership of unlabeled items, there is no necessity for those handling this process to ask. Please note that Slack notifications to a personal handle will be considered sufficient notification under the abandonment rules.

Clearance Guideline for non-Farset Labeled Property

This is an Implementation Guideline for established Farset policies.

An item will normally be considered to have a Known Owner (and eligible for the 60 day timeline), if they have a name and valid Slack handle. Otherwise, the usual unlabeled abandonment process applies.

Open spaces

Any items left unattended in public spaces will be Please-Move ticketed at any point, clearly with a date and photograph.

Communal shelf storage

All items in communal shelf storage will be ticketed on a monthly basis. From this point the timeline above applies, although items may remain in situ until the 60 days, and ownership transfers.

For clarity: once an item is ticketed, if it is subsequently moved to communal storage, the original open-space timeline still applies.

Private shelf storage

Individual arrangements will be made for private shelves for those already exclusively using them. For non-pre-allocated private shelves, a standard rental will apply.

Marked Property

It may be agreed with Farset Directors (but not NEMs) that certain personal property is exempt from the usual removal process. A case-by-case space rental payment may apply. This is logged in the shared ticketing document. Directors and NEMs should check this document before “Please-Move” ticketing any items.

All members who need to leave property in a communal space are strongly advised to contact Directors well in advance.

For the removal of doubt, any property owned by Farset is exempt from the removal procedure.

Timeline for Known-Owner Property Removal

First time for a given item

  1. Item ticketed
  2. As soon as possible (preferably with 24h): Ticket List updated
  3. < 20 days: notification with Slack handle (if known) in #general
  4. 30 days: item taken off-site
  5. 40-50 days: notification with Slack handle (if known) in #general
  6. 60 days: item available to be claimed [x]
  7. 65 days: if not otherwise claimed by this date, item will be disposed of, or sold with proceeds to Farset (if safe and legal to do so under consumer protections)

x: first refusal goes to Farset, exclusively via the Directors, then to any member in order of request (advance request available from ticketing date onwards)

A second notice should be raised 10 days before it becomes communal property. If the same item later appears again in a public space, having been removed, as the owner has previously been notified, no new notification is required. Any removed item should be kept on a publicly accessible list.

Off-site removal will only be actioned, or specifically delegated, by a Director or a NEM. Having exceeded the abandonment criteria in the Rules, security of storage is not guaranteed, although reasonable efforts will be taken. Note that the 60 day term is from original ticketing, regardless of any intermediary steps.

Subsequent instances for a given item

  1. Item ticketed
  2. 30 days: item taken off-site
  3. 40-50 days: final notification with Slack handle (if known) in #general
  4. 60 days: item available to be claimed [x]
  5. 65 days: if not otherwise claimed by this date, item will be disposed of, or sold with proceeds to Farset (if safe and legal to do so under consumer protections)

x: as above

If an owner requests access to an off-site item, it should be collected as promptly as can be arranged. If it is not retrieved as agreed, or otherwise promptly, the 60 day term will continue to apply from the original date.

Clearance System for Unlabeled Property

This is covered in the Code of Conduct - the enactment process will be similar on the shorter (30 day) timelines described there.


  • An expensive 3D printer is left in the event space on January 21. It has a name and Farset slack handle on it, saying “To be removed on Tuesday”.
  • Ten days later, it still has not been removed. It is ticketed with a note saying “Please Move” and dated January 31. This is recorded in the ticketing document with a photograph. A notification is sent in Slack #general channel to the owner. They indicate they will remove it the same week.
  • On March 2 (30 days after ticketing), a NEM moves it off-site and notes this in the shared ticketing document and Slack. The owner complains they came to collect in the first week of March and their property is no longer in Farset - they are pointed to the NEM’s message, and send an email to the NEM at the time, but expect the NEM to work to their timescales and are slow to respond, not organizing collection before April 1.
  • Another member claims the printer April 3 - Farset waives its first refusal, via the Directors, so the member takes possession from the NEM and sells it on eBay on April 4. They choose to donate half the profits to Farset, and retain the remainder for themselves.

  • A 4k screen is left with no name on September 10. When a NEM tickets it on September 12 and posts a message in Slack, a friend (also a NEM) sees it and lets the owner know.
  • They do not pick it up, nor add a name. It is treated as unlabeled abandoned property until the owner’s friend puts a sticker on with a name on October 1, and moves it to communal storage.
  • On October 30, it is accordingly moved off-site by the original NEM and the owner is responsible for contacting and coordinating a convenient time to pick up the screen, before permanent possession is taken on November 29.

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