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Operations Manual

Within the community of Farset Labs, there are four organisational roles. The relationship between these roles forms the core functionality of the hackerspace as a continuing entity. These roles are:

  • Farset Labs, the Limited Company
  • Named Company Directors
  • Non-Executive Managers
  • Members

Company Role

Farset Labs, is a registered company limited by guarantee (NI611278) is an CCNI Registered Charity (NIC102754). It is the holding entity of the lease contract with Weavers Court and the relevant bills associated with the maintenance of the building itself (Electricity, Gas, Networking).

From an organisational perspective, ‘the Company’ consists of the named Directors, who are legally responsible for it’s long term sustainability and operation.

Director Role


Directors are legally, fiscally, and socially responsible for the strategic health and operation of Farset Labs (the Company).

Collective Role

They are collectively, ultimately responsible for the growth and health of the organisation and it’s community, but are primarily concerned with the financial, legal and strategic running of the organisation.

Individual Role

Individually, they are representatives of the company as an entity and have a wide level of autonomy in terms of financial, policy, and operational decision making.


Director elections for vacated roles will normally be launched within 30 days of the registered departure date of the outgoing director. Nominations for Directorship will be open for 14 days. Applicants must self nominate with a ‘pitch’, having been a member for at least three months.

Existing directors have a Director-Majority veto on applicants, in addition to normal HMRC/Fraud/Criminal record conditions for Director applicability.

Directors will only be ratified by a ranked Instant Runoff election with a majority of the current membership voting. Sitting directors cannot veto the vote after elections have been opened, and the election period will be at least 2 weeks.


Directors can only be countermanded by a majority vote of the other Directors.

Likewise, Directors can be removed from their position by a majority vote of no confidence by the other Directors. Members can propose a vote of no confidence take place and, if seconded by another member, then the Directors will vote regarding the matter.

Complaints of a serious nature about the actions of a Director can and should be raised with either:

  • The collective email which is instantly forwarded to all directors (anonymous emails are accepted at the discretion of each director)
  • Another Director individually
  • Through a relevant NEM

Non-Executive Manager Role


Non-Executive Managers (NEMs) are the primary Points of Contact (PoC) for certain areas, equipment, and activities within the day-to-day operation of the space.

Collective Role

NEMs represent a limited, non-executive, role in Farset Labs, with no special legal responsibilities or liabilities with respect to the Company. See below for specific responsibilities.

Individual Role

Their primary role is to act as PoCs within the fields delegated to them. They are not expected to perform every action encompassed by their fields but to be ‘person of responsibility’ for that area.

They also have a responsibility to feed back their activities to the main Directorship, and likewise ensure that Farset Labs policies and rules are being (lovingly) enforced within their fields. NEMs should always endeavour to collaborate and communicate with each other for Farset Labs best interests.


Appointment of NEMs is the sole responsibility of the Directors. A member may declare their interest to the Directors (via email to


In any but the most extreme cases, it is expected that difficulties can be resolved informally, with discussion between the relevant NEMs and one or more Directors. NEMs can be countermanded by any sitting Director or by a 4-1 majority decision by other NEMs in the extreme case where no Director is immediately available.

Removal of NEMs from their positions is a Directorship-level decision. A vote of no confidence motion can be raised by any NEM to the Directors, or by the general membership via a proposer and seconder.

Complaints about the actions of a NEM can and should be raised as per the general procedures as set out in the Code of Conduct

Fields and Responsibilities

  • Events:
    • Co-ordinating with Directors to handle Events and Event-space related communications.
    • Managing scheduling conflicts and availability for Farset Labs Events proposals, from members and non-members.
    • Co-ordinating Event promotion through all Farset Labs current online media - Blog, Twitter, Facebook pages, Facebook group, and Discourse. This may require creation of online promotion materials where necessary, but it is the responsibility of Event organisers to create and/or provide promotion materials for their own event.
  • Community:
    • PoC for internal community engagement
    • Responsible for internal social events and member relations
    • PoC for member induction and ‘soft landing’ discussions
  • Workshop:
    • Management and monitoring of Project equipment and resources including but not limited to 3D printer.
    • Attempting to prevent conflict between member project resource requirements.
    • Coordinates Workshop changes
    • Along with the Projects NEM, rives the function and layout of the Workshop to suit the needs of the Farset Community.
  • Digital Infrastructure:
    • Comms, CCTV, Network, maintenance of online presences.
    • Maintenance of Documentation on the networks and systems of the space including authentication procedures for all core systems within the space.
  • Outreach:
    • PoC for internal and external outreach programme development and partnerships, including overall monitoring of CoderDojo and Raspberry Jam programmes
  • Development:
    • PoC for activities to grow membership and member systems, and onboarding new members.
    • PoC for industry relations and activities to develop funding and revenues.
    • PoC for developing Farset’s audiences, brand and reach.

Member Role


Members of the hackerspace are permitted access and use of the resources controlled by and shared within the space. This includes both equipment and resources directly owned and operated by Farset Labs the company, and equipment and resources donated by members (with per-donation terms attached to each item, primarily covered under the Hardware Donation Licence.

Membership Types

There are currently four operational types of membership of the space. The lines between the levels are intentionally blurred to allow a common-sense assessment on the part of the member/prospective member of how much they are going to use the resources of the space. These levels are not there to restrict use of the space, but to provide a reasonable revenue stream for the ongoing growth of the Labs within the bounds of fair and reasonable use. More info on the levels of membership.

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