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The Short Rules

Any community needs a few rules to stay safe and fun, and we don’t like making more than we have to.

These can be summarised in two statements:

  • Leave the space better than you found it.
  • Treat others (and their stuff) as you expect you (and your stuff) to be treated.

If this is somehow not clear or you believe you have found a loophole, please read on.

Slightly Longer Rules

While in Farset Labs, you, the members and visitors, are expected to comply to the following Code.

Culture and Ethos

  • Be Excellent to each other;
  • Don’t disturb those who do not want to be disturbed;
  • If you see something and it doesn’t look right or safe, it probably isn’t so ask/tell someone about it;
  • Intolerance will not be tolerated.

Handling of Complaints and Breaches

Full Policy

  • Technical issues related to the space may be raised on Slack.
  • All members should endeavour to resolve minor personal issues directly with the persons involved;
  • If this is not possible, the following general approach is to be applied (with exceptions for complaints towards office holders outlined in the Ops Manual);
    • Raise a complaint to either the Directors or NEMs detailing the issue and the persons involved. Reports may be anonymously filed but this will slow the response, as the management board1 will first have to corroborate the claims raised.
    • The issue will be raised at the next appropriate management meeting and, at that boards discretion, directly with the persons involved as part of a fair and impartial investigation.
    • After at most one bi-weekly management meeting, a response will be issued by a member of the management board1 that may result in a warning or subsequent expulsion of those involved.


  • Do not lend or share access cards, keys, codes, or passwords to anyone;
  • Do not try to access areas or systems you are not allowed to.

Projects & Equipment

  • Do not take others’ equipment or materials without permission;
  • Do not use equipment:
    • Without training;
    • If it is unsafe to do so;
    • That others are currently using;
    • That is marked as out of order or not to be used.
  • Store your projects and materials safely and with care in the provided member storage boxes2;
  • Do not bring or use banned or unsafe materials or equipment;
  • All hot-desks must be cleared of all equipment (including the area under such desks) before leaving the space. Equipment left unattended at non-rented desks is subject to being moved by any member to common storage facilities;
  • All personal equipment being left or stored in communal areas of the space must be clearly labeled with the owners contact details;
  • Any equipment brought to the space with the intention of being donated for communal use must be labelled as such as per the HDL, and confirmed via in advance. Such equipment will be labeled with, at least, the owners contact details and a “GB DND” clause (Give Back, Do Not Disassemble);
  • Equipment not otherwise clearly labeled is assumed to have been abandoned and will eventually be relabeled as Farset communal equipment;


  • Leave the space better than you found it;
  • Power down and store equipment properly after use;
  • Keep the space clean, tidy, and pleasant;
  • Live and let live;
  • Do not be either on fire or asleep in the space;
  • Park safely & respect the tenants at Weavers’ Court;
  • Any communal equipment such as monitors/keyboards/mice etc. should be returned to appropriate storage locations (available in the workshop and coworking space) for others to use;

Health & Safety

  • Do not try to disable safety guards or preventative measures;
  • Be safe and reasonable in everything you do;
  • Report and repair any accidents or damage;

Child Protection

Full Policy

  • No Under 18’s may join Farset Labs as members;
  • No unaccompanied3 under 18’s are permitted in the building after 8pm;
  • No unaccompanied3 under 14’s are permitted in the building;
  • No unidentified individuals are permitted in mixed-age-group events;
  • At least two agents of Farset Labs must remain with any mixed-age-group event at all times;
  • Agents and Officers cannot engage in any Regulated Activity as defined in the CPP unless they are Access NI Cleared as part of a Farset Labs project or programme.

The Very Much Longer Rules

  1. The Management Board consists of both the Directors of Farset Labs and the Non-Executive Mangers (NEMs)  2

  2. Equipment left or stored in the space is done so at the owners own risk. Farset Labs will make all reasonable efforts to secure the space, but is not liable for loss or damage. 

  3. Within Farset Labs, “unaccompanied” means a young person without an attending parent, guardian, or agent of Farset Labs operating in loco parentis by prior agreement  2

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