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Sponsored Membership Policy


  • FSL - Farset Labs
  • SO - Sponsoring Organisation


An organisation may wish to sponsor FSL memberships. That SO may negotiate what membership levels (Student, Standard, Freelance) or extras (Desk Rental) with FSL, and the price may be discounted for bulk sponsorships at the discretion of FSL management.

General Points

There is no limit on the holding duration of sponsored memberships, however transfers of sponsored membership to third parties must be confirmed with FSL in advance of transfer.

Sponsored Memberships are taken to be completely equivalent to regular memberships, including all relevant resource, space, and voting privileges.

In the case of any misconduct or disciplinary issues, FSL reserves the right to engage the SO as well as the sponsored member.

Sponsored Memberships will generally be negotiated in terms of Annual Memberships per Person, but these memberships are divisible down to monthly memberships at the discretion of the SO (pending notification processing).

It is the responsibility of FSL to monitor and account for the Sponsorship Balance and to notify the SO when they are near the end of their agreed sponsorship quota, however, in the event this quota runs out with no notification, FSL reserves the right to refuse a notification of registration that would take the SO over their sponsorship quota.

Registration Process

  1. SO selects persons from its cohort / target audience by selection or advertising of the sponsored memberships. FSL will happily assist in the promotion of this, and the SO may ask to have the sponsorship presented on the FSL website / promotional materials.

  2. SO notifies FSL via using the subject “Sponsored Membership Notification” including:

    1. Name of sponsored member
    2. Contact Email of sponsored member
    3. Duration of sponsorship in calendar months
    4. (Optional, Default No) Whether or not the SO wishes to be included in ongoing sponsored member correspondence regarding membership
  3. FSL will confirm receipt with the SO and will notify the sponsored member via their contact address, including standard member onboarding notification

Payment Process

There are three options for payment of sponsored memberships. Once the payment process has been agreed upon, it cannot be changed without renegotiation of the sponsorship agreement.

  • In Advance

    • On agreement of a sponsoring programme, FSL will invoice the SO for the full agreed balance of the sponsorship.
  • Per-Member in Advance

    • On registration, the FSL will invoice the SO for the proposed duration of a single member’s sponsorship period.
  • Monthly

    • FSL will invoice the SO each month for the number of sponsored memberships registered / active that month.
    • New registrations will be rounded up/down to the nearest month.


For any enquiries about sponsoring memberships to Farset Labs, please contact

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