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Room Availability

Use the dropdown button on the right to check the availability of specific bookable areas of the space.

Booking for a private event

The Event Space and the Workshop can be booked for private events, and the lounge may be booked for private meetings. If you’d like to book any of these spaces, first check the room availability calendar above to make sure they’re not in use.

Guide Prices:

  • £30/hr - Event Space - 2hr min
  • £20/hr - Workshop - 2hr min
  • £20/hr - McKee Meeting Room

Discounts may be available for voluntary organisations, charities, and community groups operating in the South Belfast area depending on the relevance of the activity to the objects of Farset Labs.

Then contact to discuss dates and fees.

Booking for a private course

Farset has space to run private courses for freelance trainers.

Equipment provided:

  • Projector
  • Black board
  • Tables
  • Chairs

Guide Prices:

  • £240/Day - Event space - 8hr

If you are are interested in running a course on our premises then contact to discuss dates and fees.

Want to start something?

User Groups

User groups have a free block-booking of Wednesday evenings, allowing any group with an interest in something vaguely technical or crafty to use the space for free (assuming noone else has got it first!). User groups are exempt from the evening day pass requirement, but donations are welcomed and encouraged.

Free User group bookings must be arranged in advance by emailing and are offered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Directors / Events NEM.

“Have you thought about running….?”

If you’ve got an idea or suggestion for an event or programme that could be run at Farset Labs, don’t hesitate to get in touch about your plans. We love encouraging and enabling people to put on interesting and exciting events in the space.

If you’re a member and you want to run something, just start discussing it on Slack, get a plan together, and fire an email in to to book it into the calendar.

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