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For companies that think what we’re doing is great, we offer them a way to help us financially and contribute to the direction of the community.

Benefits of Supporting Us

  • Local Corporate Social Responsibility Impact
  • Discounted Employee Membership
  • Attendance to Member Only Events1
  • Knowledge sharing with local technical communities
  • Community Awareness and Impact through co-recognition in our outreach and educational programmes
  • Captive Marketing opportunities through our member community online and in the space.
  • A seat on the Farset Labs Advisory Board, contributing to the strategic direction of the charity
  • Corporate membership has the same voting power as an individual

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Member or supporting one or more of our programmes, please get in touch at to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Members

Tibus Connect

Tibus(Connect) offer a full range of connectivity solutions for business across the UK & Ireland.They are market partners of Project Kelvin, and, along with Hibernia Atlantic, operate 102 network locations across North America and Europe, providing a multi-gigabit L2 connection that puts Northern Ireland business on to a level playing-field with the global internet marketplace.

Weavers Court Business Park

Special thanks have to go to Weavers Court Business Park; without the confidence and tireless support of Tom Ekin, Gary Cassels, and the whole Weavers Court team, Farset Labs simply couldn’t be.

  1. These corporate benefits are limited to two passes per event/day. 

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