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Equipment/Materiel Donations

Farset Labs gladly accepts donations of interesting and useful equipment, however to ensure the safety and efficiency of the space, there is a review process for these.

Please do not dump donations on a free desk in the space.

This process generally consists of three (or four) stages:

  1. Read the Hardware Donation Licence and decide what restrictions if any you would like to put on your donations. This ranges from “Do what thou wilt” to “Do not disassemble, only to be used on [project], must be returned with 30 days notice”
  2. (Optional) Post on the #equipment-donations Slack channel to gauge the demand for particular items
  3. Email with a list of what you would like to donate
  4. A decision will be taken by the Directors and the Project / Facilities NEMs whether to accept or reject your donation, and arrangements will be made to collect / store the equipment

This decision will be made with the following factors in mind:

  • Safety of storage and use in the space
  • Usefulness of equipment for projects and events
  • Space required for storage

Donations / Loans to other members or specific projects

If a piece of equipment is being brought into the space for use by a particular member or on a particular project temporarily and is not being donated to Farset Labs itself, this process can be reduced to posting on Slack and looking for someone to take responsibility for the equipment and its storage in their own personal project storage space.

Unless Farset Labs’ Directors and/or Project / Facilities NEMs directly acknowledge and accept the donation or storage of equipment via email, Farset Labs bears no responsibility to the use of that equipment and cannot be held liable for any misuse / damage incurred.

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