Discourse is our Forum platform, for longer term discussions and project documentation

It is running on an Azure VM

It previously ran as a Bitnami stack, but that was poorly documented, unstable, and generally unmanagable

This service could be migrated to a Dockerised version but the resource requirements for running Discourse made running it in our KitchenSync based Docker environment infeasable.

Build/Edit log

  • Killed old discourse VM’s/Disks/IP’s from Azure,
  • Spun up new blank Ubuntu LTS image on D1v2
  • Used SSHkey from bolster account on Kitchensync as base key ID
  • Followed these instructions, using the sendgrid as the SMTP relay
  • Configured Google OAuth under bolster@farsetlabs.org.uk -> Discourse project
  • Added solved, assign voting, and user-notes plugins
  • Set @farsetlabs.org.uk emails to automatically be trusted
  • Setup Unattended Upgrades and fail2ban