Handling of Complaints

It is expected that for minor complaints or concerns that Members and Directors should be capable of settling differences of opinion directly, and it is expected that this direct resolution is the ‘normal operation’ of the space.

However, in the event that a more formalised approach is required, the procedure is:

  1. Issue an on-the-record complaint to one or all of the trustees (via either their individual Farset Labs email addresses or the blanket address)

  2. The Trustees will, at their discretion, query if the matter has been discussed with the people involved directly.

  3. Issue will be raised at an extraordinary Board of Trustees meeting

  4. Issue investigated independently by Directors and/or NEMs

  5. At most one week after the extraordinary meeting is convened, a response will be made by either all or one of the directors. The publicity and dissemination of this response is at the discretion of the chair of the board of trustees, and in the case of anonymous complaints, may not necessarily be shared beyond the relevant management meetings.

Such discussions should always be treated by both sides with respect, patience, and understanding.

In severe cases, or if a members is found to be consistently or repeatedly breaking the Code of Conduct, they may be asked to leave the space temporarily, or may be banned indefinitely.