Amazon Pay By Invoice


Process for paying and reconciling Amazon Pay By Invoice accounts

To be performed by board representatives/trustees on a regular (monthly?) basis

Amazon will send reminder emails, and there are no immediate penalties for balances going past due, so this a low stress process


  1. Log in to an Amazon Business account associated with Farset Labs
  2. Navigate to the “Your Invoices for Pay By Invoice” page in Business Settings
  3. The “Outstanding Balance” is the value which should be used for paying, not the “past due” balance
  4. In another window/tab, log in to District EBanking
  5. Navigate to ‘Create a Payment’ and use the creditor id ‘AMZBIZ’ to “Find Creditor”, this will populate the payment page with established transaction details
  6. Use the “Outstanding Balance” value from before as the “Amount” in the payment form and send the payment for authorisation. (For individual payments that satisfy the Expenses Policy, these payments can be self-authorised)
  7. Close District
  8. Log in to Xero and create a New Bill From “Amazon” and set the “Total” to be the value from the “Outstanding Balance”
  9. Returning to the “Your Invoices for Pay By Invoice” page; for each invoice row:
    1. Download the invoice PDF by clicking on the Order Number
    2. Put a summary of the invoice including the invoice number into the description field of one or more rows of the New Bill in Xero (Invoices can be split across multiple rows but all rows should have invoice ID’s)
    3. Add the Invoice PDF to the Bill as an attachment
  10. Make sure the totals match, and approve the Bill. This bill will then be available for the next reconciliation pass