Handling of Abandoned Property

When members bring equipment or materials to the space, they are always considered their private property, which must only be used with permission, unless one or more of the following applies:

  • The member has previously agreed to donate or lend the property, or has permitted Farset Labs or its members to use it;
  • The property has been abandoned by its owner, and is available for free use;

Property will be assumed abandoned if the member has left Farset Labs and has not removed the property after a period of 30 days of being requested to remove it. After the initial request is served, follow-up requests will be served at weekly intervals. Expensive items, and those with apparent sentimental value, for example handcrafted items or personal things, will be kept for longer (at the discretion of Farset Labs) if possible.

Materials left in open areas, with no way to identify the owner will also be assumed abandoned if left for several days in the open. If materials or equipment are left in open spaces, areas where they cause hindrance or inconvenience to members or visitors, or areas where fire escape or access is affected, they will likely be moved to a storage area. Best efforts will be made to notify the owner of the property, but after 30 days, if they are not moved from their storage area, they are liable for being marked as abandoned and claimed by other members.

In short, members should be sure to store their property securely, and not leave it lying, otherwise it may be removed if required.