Terms of Membership



Designated Membership Liaison: Artemiy Kondratiev (art@farsetlabs.org.uk)

Charitable Purpose

The Charity’s objects (“Objects”) are the education of the public in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and the provision of community accessible workspaces to facilitate STEAM outreach and education in Northern Ireland, primarily focused in the Belfast area

See here for more information.


Membership of Farset Labs gives you one vote in matters arising at any annual or extraordinary general meeting. This includes changes to the constitution, appointing or removing the charity trustees, and deciding whether the charity should be wound up.

As a member you agree to adhere to these Terms of Membership and a serious breach of these terms will result in the termination of membership.

As a member you are granted permission to avail (where other considerations / inductions permit) the use of the space and facilities at our Unit 1 Weavers Court Business Park location.

Termination of membership will result in withdrawal of permission to use or access the building.

Membership Dues

The membership due covers all costs associated with running the building, including: rent, electricity, heating, water, internet connectivity, public liability insurance (for common areas), legal fees, administration costs and general maintenance. There will be a review of membership fees annually to ensure that we are covering the costs of running the building.

Unless otherwise agreed by members, no members will receive a fee or discount to dues/desk rends for carrying out tasks related to the running of the building or charity.

General Rules

  • Farset Labs is a shared resource. Members know that the building may be occupied by others at any time, including, but not limited to activities of Farset Labs.
  • Farset Labs is not liable for any injury or lost/stolen property from the space.
  • Members are fully responsible for the actions of their guests whilst in the building
  • Members are responsible for replacing any broken or damaged property caused by member or member’s guests.
  • All areas of the building are subject to inspection by the building owners at any time and must provide 24hrs notice before doing so unless deemed an emergency.

Shared Spaces & Facilities for hire

  • Please contact events@farsetlabs.org.uk to book rooms.
  • Room availability can be checked online at https://www.farsetlabs.org.uk/events/room_availability.html

Certain shared facilities are available to hire by non-members. These areas include the downstairs event space,the pod space and the McKee Meeting Room. Members have free access to use these spaces during times when they are not booked by paying non-members.

All shared spaces must be left tidy and clean at the end of each day. Work, tools, equipment and materials should be stored in member’s own storage boxes and not left in shared spaces.


  • Farset Labs will provides public liability insurance for common areas only for activities operated by agents of the charity, i.e. members running Farset Labs event. Independent/Outside booking should establish their own PLI requirements.
  • Insurance for member-owned equipment are not covered by Farset Labs and members leave items in the workshop and common areas at their own risk.

Health & Safety

  • For accidents, health crises, criminal activities or fires call 999.
  • For any urgent issue that might compromise the structure of safety of the building, please contact the Weavers Court security desk, directly across from the front doors.

Fire Safety

  • Members agree to adhere to all fire regulations as detailed in the Fire Safety Policy.
  • Strictly no smoking or open flames anywhere in the building.
  • Members and their guests must sign in/out of the building using the system provided. #todo this would be a bit change but given the shift in size of building might not be a bad idea…


  • Members agree to adhere to all security protocols as detailed in the Induction
  • Members assume responsibility for the security of the building, and their property.
  • No propping of the main door or other external doors, which must remain closed at all times.


It is our responsibility to be good neighbours. The people living in the area are used to a quiet neighbourhood and we will do everything we can to ensure it stays that way.

  • Please ensure that noise made cannot be heard outside the building.
  • Please ensure that you are quiet when entering and leaving the building. The gates can be very noisy!

Normal working hours are 9am to 5pm. Whilst it is reasonable to expect some level of noise during these hours, every effort must be made to reduce noise outside of that time.

Child protection and Safeguarding

The document in the link below outlines the safeguarding policy and procedures for all work undertaken with children under the age of 18, and vulnerable adults at Farset Labs, in accordance with Children’s (NI) Order 1995, and Our Duty to Care, Child Care NI 1995.

  • As a member you agree to read and implement this policy in full.

Child Protection


We aim to be good members of the local community, who are important stakeholders of the charity.

Within our own community, we all need to strive towards cohesion and harmony. Therefore we expect our members to have respect for each other. We must listen and communicate with consideration for our fellow members. Please try to settle disputes amicably and be prepared to listen to the concerns other members might have. Think carefully about your fellow members’ privacy, values, opinions and wellbeing.

The trustees will try and mediate disputes should that become necessary.

Culture and Ethos

  • Be Excellent to each other;
  • Don’t disturb those who do not want to be disturbed;
  • If you see something and it doesn’t look right or safe, it probably isn’t so ask/tell someone about it;
  • Intolerance will not be tolerated.

Handling of Complaints and Breaches

  • All members should endeavour to resolve minor personal issues directly with the persons involved;
  • If this is not possible, the following general approach is to be applied;
    • Raise a complaint to admin@farsetlabs.org.uk detailing the issue and the persons involved. Reports may be anonymously filed but this will slow the response, as the board will first have to corroborate the claims raised.
    • The issue trigger an Extraordinary Board meeting meeting and, at that boards discretion, directly with the persons involved.
    • After at most two weeks, a response will be issued by a member of the management board that may result in a warning or subsequent expulsion of those involved.
    • In the case of “minor infractions”, a right to reply to the judgements of the board is permitted, and the board will respond to reasonable requests for explanation.
    • The board reserves the right to unilaterally and without any right to reply to permanently ban anyone who, through negligence or malice, endangers or risks endangering guests, members, the facility, or the charity.