The Inducted List

Name / Recognisable Handle Inducted By Date
Andrew Bolster (@bolster) writing the first induction draft and having a track record of not being on fire N/A
James Leech Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 23/10/20
Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 23/10/20
Robert Paul Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 23/10/20
Richard Phillips (@richard) Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 23/10/20
Samer Dabra Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 23/10/20
@Tyndyll Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 06/11/20
Stephen Gallagher Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 06/11/20
Weronika Ciborowska Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) 09/11/20
Aoibhinn Nic Aoidh Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) 16/11/20
Caolan McKendry (@caolanxyz) Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 20/11/20
Jasmin Marker Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 20/11/20
Ben Bland Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 20/11/20
Chris Green (@Chris Green) Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) 20/05/21
Ranel Viala Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) 20/05/21
Zan Dani (@Zan.Dani) Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) ??/??/21
Carmel (@Carmel) Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) ??/??/21
Rebecca Feeney (@Rebecca Feeney) Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) ??/??/21
Naomi (@Naomi McGregor) Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) 08/12/21
Andy (@andyluke) Artemiy Kondratiev (@art) 15/01/22
Ronan Duffy (@Ronan) Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 11/03/22
David Kane Richard Phillips (@richard) 02/05/22
Alan Ferguson Richard Phillips (@richard) 02/05/22
Chris Woofenden Andrew Bolster (@bolster) 07/05/22