Fox Alien CNC Machine

Members are not permitted to use the CNC machine unless they have been trained and approved by someone who themselves have been approved for that task by the Directors.

The following are the instructional steps that need to be completed as part of the training process.

Basic Safety

  • Outline the basic functioning of the machine, showing the nature and extent of moving parts and emphasising its limitations and potential dangers to the unwary user.
  • Outline appropriate/inappropriate clothing, emphasising dangers of loose clothing, hair and jewellery.
  • Gloves should not be worn during operation.
  • State the dangers of broken bits during operation and that eye protection must be worn while the machine is running.
  • Emphasise that the safety enclosure must be used while the machine is in operation and that the machine must not be left unattended while in operation.
  • Emphasise that this is a potentially dangerous machine and that the user must be alert and focused while operating it.

CAD Software

  • Take the trainee through the basics of the software required to drive the machine.
  • Outline how software design features relate to the choice of milling bits, speed of movement and materials used, with emphasis on the safety implications for eg breaking bits etc


  • Outline the range of suitable materials that may be used and emphasise those types that must not be used.

Machine Setup

  • Show the position & use of the emergency stop button
  • Outline the list of pre-startup checks to be carried out, especially as regards to damaged bits and that nothing is interfering with the full movement of the machine.
  • Show how to check the X/Y/Z motors and rails for smooth running.
  • Show how the machine is switched on and off, and especially isolated so that bit replacement can be done and basic maintenance safely performed.
  • Show how the safety enclosure is positioned, and emphasise its importance.
  • Show how to choose an appropriate bit for your job (including for roughing and finishing), and how to change bits and inspect for damage.

Machine Useage

  • Demonstrate how to choose the appropriate type and size of material to work on, and how to fix the material to the work surface.
  • Demonstrate how to start a job from the computer and to pause and stop the machine.
  • Emphasise that the user must not reach into the machine with their hands (nor anything else) while it is in operation and not isolated.
  • Outline what to check for as a job is progressing.
  • Outline how to isolate the machine after use and to tidy up after a job has been completed.

The following is the text for the laminated printout to be displayed beside the machine.

Safety Instructions

Fox Alien Masuter CNC Router

  • Only authorised users are permitted to operate the machine
  • Read the user manual
  • Know your materials

  • Enclosure must be used at all times when machine is running
  • Machine must not be unattended while running
  • Use safety glasses and ear defenders where necessary
  • Ensure no loose clothing, hair or jewellery
  • Do not wear gloves

  • Isolate machine before and after setup
  • Check for damaged working bit before use
  • Check for obstructions in the working area before use
  • Leave the machine isolated and tidy after use

The Greatest Dangers

  • Fingers!
  • The engraving bit breaking and striking your eye!